Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert

Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert - GE 50487 Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert Whether you drive straight in or back into your garage, it can be tough to judge if you've stopped in the right spot. The Parking Alert guides you with flashing lights as you pull into your garage so you can be sure you stop at the desired place! No more tennis balls hanging from the ceiling. No more stopping the car, checking your position and moving the car another-Feet. This product makes parking in the garage so easy! The Parking Alert consists of two parts: the Sensor Module - Mounted on the wall at bumper height; and the Display Module - Mounted on the wall above the Sensor Module where it can be easily seen by a driver. The Sensor sends out harmless ultrasonic pulses that are bounced off objects in front of it. When a vehicle is detected, more pulses are sent out to determine vehicle speed and distance. Then the Display Module's yellow light begins flashing slowly. The yellow light flashes faster as it tracks the vehicle. When you have reached the desired stopping point, the Display Module will change to a constant red light. You can choose from 3 stopping distances - 1-Feet, 2-Feet or 3-Feet from the wall. Parking Alert Details: Can be mounted with the included screws or hook and loop tape, Low Battery Indicator, Auto shut-off after 15 seconds, Batteries last up to one year under average conditions. Now you don't have to worry about hitting the wall or closing the garage door on your car! You'll know you're in the right spot with the Parking Alert.

This product does what it advertises. It works great for fixed distances of 1, 2, or 3 feet, but 2'6" is out of the question. There are numerous products that do adjustable ranges, but they are not as reliable as this fixed distance product.

Our two-car garage accommodates a compact car, motorcycle, and workbench. With an epoxy finnished floor and chair for the dog to sit in, it's like an extension to the interior of our house. The car needs to be parked precisely for the automatic door to close, for us to access a closet in front of the car, and for the motorcycle and shop to have their space. This GE product was easy to install, has a nice design, and works. The 1-2-3 foot setting also works for us: at two feet, we can still access the closet in front of the car and the door can close behind it. (But just in case I also laid down a heavy yellow, commercial parking bumper should anyone miss the GE unit's red warning light.) Works well, nice design.

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