Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

Twitter defeat facebook at japan

Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and probably never imagined Twitter, social media, which they founded in 2006, it found a home in Japan. United States Third person may be confused to know the percentage of internet users who use Twitter is higher in Japan than in their home country.

On June 19, 2010 This, Twitter has become the number 13 most accessed site in Japan, according to Alexa.com. Facebook is much higher than that just getting a place at number 26 in the country this Sakura. To note, in Indonesia, Facebook is the number one site.

Twitter's success is supported by the emergence of the Japanese language version, complete with aksaranya in the year 2008. October 2009, so a mobile version of Twitter in Japanese. Since then, all Japanese people seem so busy "chirp".

On television, showing the various "chirp" the Tweeps. Bars install a special screen memampangkan "chirp" on Twitter about the World Cup. Former Prime Minister also joined tweeting fun.

The proportion of Internet users who use Twitter sped to reach 16.3 percent, far beyond the United States of 9.8 percent. Social media, Twitter became Japan's second largest after mixi, a local social media like Facebook.

But Nielsen Online said last April, had exceeded mixi Twitter. A day, nearly eight million Tweeps appeared in Japan, or 12 percent of total twitter users worldwide per day.

Meanwhile, only three percent of Internet users use Facebook. Compare with 62 percent in America.

"The Japanese are enjoying the most varied forms and the richest of Twitter as a communication tool," said Daisuke Tsuda, a writer who has a 65 thousand follower on Twitter. "Twitter is like a reinvention Internet," he told the Associated Press.

Why is that?

The answer is the Japanese language itself. More Japanese are spoken in the character of the 140 characters that Twitter provided. The word "information" in Japanese language only requires two characters. Clearly, academics and politicians who can provide information at length through a Tweet.

Then, Twitter allows a person to remain anonymous. Anonymity is the general rule in Japan's popular sites.

Third, Twitter also proved an effective business tool. These companies use Twitter to reach consumers and get feedback; a wide range of powered applications and low cost.

In other words, said Rocky Eda, communications manager of Digital Garage, which underpins the operation Twitter in Japanese, Sakura Country residents feel "Twitter is very Japanese,"
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Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Indonesia Send a squad to the World Games Tournament

game koreaSavvy gamers would be in the ground water with the participation of the Indonesian team in the arena of Game and Game World Championship 2010 (GNGWC), Pusan in South Korea.

Atlantica Online Game Publisher in Indonesia, Gemscool, plans to send Atlantica Online Indonesian team to compete in the upcoming November 2010 GNGWC.

Later, the Indonesian squad will compete with teams from different countries, namely the team from Japan, America, Germany, France, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

Actually, Gemscool originally just wanted to send an observer team to the final event GNGWC 2010. But looking at the ability of the players Atlantica Online Indonesia that are considered able to keep up international players, Gemscool decided to dispatch a team to Pusan.

"After seeing the progress achieved Atlantica Online players of Indonesia in the two weeks since launching, as the publisher of Atlantica Online Gemscool in Indonesia decided to send a team Atlantica Online Indonesia to compete in the GNGWC 2010," said Edy Jansen Marketing Manager - PT Kreon, the company principals Gemscool, VIVAnews received via email, Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

GNGWC 2010 Grand Final winner will receive a cash prize of U.S. $ 5,000. While the winner will snatch the second and third cash of U.S. $ 3,000 and U.S. $ 1,000.

Later, the team would have dispatched to Pusan is a local team that won the Official Launching Event Online Atlantica Indonesia, which lasted from May 27 until July 29, 2010 next.

Free Event Winners League in Pangaea and Nuna server will become a member of Team Atlantica Online Indonesia, which will compete in GNGWC, while winners in the server Event Free League participants Rodinia will be a backup.

Besides the three above, Best Event winners Landlord Guild (winner of 6 people / 2 people per server) and Event Cash Top Loader (two persons from all servers) will also participate to attend the upcoming 2010 GNGWC.
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