Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Inspectore gadget first post

Suggested reading for those at a loose end for the next few years. I thank you.

Many of our colleagues from Metrocity will feel the need to rant over this one. I think we should let them do so in the comments section.

The title of my book seems strangely relevent today. The Daily Mail has it just right:

“He was simply a self-serving crook; clever conman, bully, playboy, womanising misogynist, serial litigant and liar, who hijacked the issue of race and used it for his own ends”
Gadget Note: If I had written those words even two days ago, PSD would have hunted me down and sacked me as a racist. Now watch ACPO run around and say they knew he was a crook all along. Maybe at last we can bin the ridiculous Diversity agenda which allowed him to survive for so long and get back to treating everyone as equal.

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