Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

Twitter defeat facebook at japan

Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and probably never imagined Twitter, social media, which they founded in 2006, it found a home in Japan. United States Third person may be confused to know the percentage of internet users who use Twitter is higher in Japan than in their home country.

On June 19, 2010 This, Twitter has become the number 13 most accessed site in Japan, according to Alexa.com. Facebook is much higher than that just getting a place at number 26 in the country this Sakura. To note, in Indonesia, Facebook is the number one site.

Twitter's success is supported by the emergence of the Japanese language version, complete with aksaranya in the year 2008. October 2009, so a mobile version of Twitter in Japanese. Since then, all Japanese people seem so busy "chirp".

On television, showing the various "chirp" the Tweeps. Bars install a special screen memampangkan "chirp" on Twitter about the World Cup. Former Prime Minister also joined tweeting fun.

The proportion of Internet users who use Twitter sped to reach 16.3 percent, far beyond the United States of 9.8 percent. Social media, Twitter became Japan's second largest after mixi, a local social media like Facebook.

But Nielsen Online said last April, had exceeded mixi Twitter. A day, nearly eight million Tweeps appeared in Japan, or 12 percent of total twitter users worldwide per day.

Meanwhile, only three percent of Internet users use Facebook. Compare with 62 percent in America.

"The Japanese are enjoying the most varied forms and the richest of Twitter as a communication tool," said Daisuke Tsuda, a writer who has a 65 thousand follower on Twitter. "Twitter is like a reinvention Internet," he told the Associated Press.

Why is that?

The answer is the Japanese language itself. More Japanese are spoken in the character of the 140 characters that Twitter provided. The word "information" in Japanese language only requires two characters. Clearly, academics and politicians who can provide information at length through a Tweet.

Then, Twitter allows a person to remain anonymous. Anonymity is the general rule in Japan's popular sites.

Third, Twitter also proved an effective business tool. These companies use Twitter to reach consumers and get feedback; a wide range of powered applications and low cost.

In other words, said Rocky Eda, communications manager of Digital Garage, which underpins the operation Twitter in Japanese, Sakura Country residents feel "Twitter is very Japanese,"
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Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Indonesia Send a squad to the World Games Tournament

game koreaSavvy gamers would be in the ground water with the participation of the Indonesian team in the arena of Game and Game World Championship 2010 (GNGWC), Pusan in South Korea.

Atlantica Online Game Publisher in Indonesia, Gemscool, plans to send Atlantica Online Indonesian team to compete in the upcoming November 2010 GNGWC.

Later, the Indonesian squad will compete with teams from different countries, namely the team from Japan, America, Germany, France, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

Actually, Gemscool originally just wanted to send an observer team to the final event GNGWC 2010. But looking at the ability of the players Atlantica Online Indonesia that are considered able to keep up international players, Gemscool decided to dispatch a team to Pusan.

"After seeing the progress achieved Atlantica Online players of Indonesia in the two weeks since launching, as the publisher of Atlantica Online Gemscool in Indonesia decided to send a team Atlantica Online Indonesia to compete in the GNGWC 2010," said Edy Jansen Marketing Manager - PT Kreon, the company principals Gemscool, VIVAnews received via email, Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

GNGWC 2010 Grand Final winner will receive a cash prize of U.S. $ 5,000. While the winner will snatch the second and third cash of U.S. $ 3,000 and U.S. $ 1,000.

Later, the team would have dispatched to Pusan is a local team that won the Official Launching Event Online Atlantica Indonesia, which lasted from May 27 until July 29, 2010 next.

Free Event Winners League in Pangaea and Nuna server will become a member of Team Atlantica Online Indonesia, which will compete in GNGWC, while winners in the server Event Free League participants Rodinia will be a backup.

Besides the three above, Best Event winners Landlord Guild (winner of 6 people / 2 people per server) and Event Cash Top Loader (two persons from all servers) will also participate to attend the upcoming 2010 GNGWC.
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Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

This blog definitely spam

Literally meaning spam is garbage, why say garbage, something we do not want be where we or our homes then we say it as waste. Well .. as well as our letters are entered in the inbox there are letters that sometimes we do not recognize its origin and not including one of the many names on our contact list. So a letter like this in the terms referred to as a spam email.

What is the purpose of people who do not recognize it to send spam to us?

* As the media publicity and promotional products company's junk-mail sender. For example, a pharmaceutical company wants to sell their drugs, if the advertising / advertising is certainly going to cost, using the mail robot then he will be able to send as many emails to all owners of existing email in this world.
* Email bomb, if you have an enemy or rival companies on the internet you usually this will be done so that you receive an email that does not bother you need in large quantities and continuously ... huh ... boring.
* Media pishing, this is done to hook as many-many people will be stuck with a link trap (trap link), so you think you are in a site that actually, when you are already in the trap.
* Media spread of viruses and worms, it is the character of viruses and worms to spread the file automatically to all owners of existing email in the world, with the aim will be to get as many victims.

Due to the nature of this SPAM is not legal, then we must try to get rid of him. In ways that usually is done in general, are as follows:

1. Create a filter with a domain name, user name, subject / thing, or the content of these spam emails. This is very troublesome thing to do because usually the senders of spam every day will make modifications to the filter elements mentioned above.
2. Joining the anti-spam organizations such as SpamCop, it is usually very powerful way in which the owner usually spam will be blocked domain. But this way is sometimes very frustrating to the domain owner who does not know if the mail server (open relay smtp servers) are already as senders of spam, this can be done by spammers using robots and take advantage of open mail relays a specific smtp server.

Spam and spammers are still annoying.
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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Wireless Video and Tap Detector

Wireless Video and Tap Detector - Don't sacrifice your privacy. You never know who is watching or listening. Innovative high technology device keeps you safe from wireless wiretap and video cameras. Our Keychain Wireless Detector is easy to carry with you so you can feel confident in the office, bedroom or dressing room. Detectable radio frequency width 30MHz - 2.4GHz. Responding distance 10-15 feet. Super bright blue LED light for emergency or illumination use. Stylish key chain makes it easy to carry the detector wherever you go. Portable and lightweight. Product size 1.2 x 2.3 x 0.4 Uses 2 button cell batteries (included).

Are you involved in something dodgy that you don’t want anyone to know about? Perhaps you are an undercover spy? Maybe you are just really, really paranoid? Well the wireless video and tap detector can provide you with peace of mind if you are worried that someone is keeping you under secret surveillance. It is a small keychain device which is perfect for unobtrusive carrying.

It is very portable at just 1.2 x 2.3 x 0.4 inches so you can carry it around with you and use it to sweep your home or office. It detects radio frequencies from 30MHz up to 2.4GHz and works at a distance of 10 to 15 feet. There is a lighting system on it to highlight whether the room is safe or not. It takes two button cell batteries and they are provided with the device. You can order one of these for under $10 so security needn’t be expensive.
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Bambang pamungkas dan istri

Bambang pamungkas dan istri Sudah sangat terkenal di dunia olah raga tentang bambang pamungkas sebagai olahragawan di bidang sepak bola, sebagai pemain sepakbola tentunya fisik dan stamina diperlukan sebagai senjata utama untuk bermain bagus di lapangan, kini bambang pamungkas sudah menikah, mungkin stamina nya agak loyo yah karean di kuras oleh sang istri hehe :)

ngomong ngomong tadi sempat mampir di profil friendsterya lhoh, kalau yang belum tahu nih ada sedikit infonya :

Nama Panggilan : Bambang, Bepe
Tempat, Tanggal Lahir : Getas, Kabupaten Semarang 10 Juni 1980
Agama : Islam
Nama orang tua : - H. Misranto (Ayah)
- Hj. Suriptinah (Ibu)
Kakak : - Agus Handoko Misranto
- Agus Budhi Suseno
- Tri Agus Prasetijo
- Eni Kusumawati
- Nanik Setyowati
Adik : Dyah Ernawati
Istri : Tribuana Tungga Dewi
Anak : - Salsa Alicia
- Jane Abel
- Syaura Abana
Cita-cita : Guru dan Chef
- Taman Kanak-kanak : Taman Kanak-kanak Bangun 1 Getas Kab. Semarang (1984-1986)
- SD : SD Negeri Kauman Lor 3 Getas Kab. Semarang (1986-1992)
- SMP : SMP Negeri 1 Salatiga, *Kelas 1C *Kelas 2C *Kelas 3A (1992-1995)
- SMA : SMU Negeri 1 Salatiga, *Kelas 1C *Kelas 2C *Kelas 3 IPS 2 (1996-1999)
- Kuliah : Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Rawamangun hanya 2 semester
Hobi : Membaca buku dan Memasak
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Mencari uang lewat internet

Budaya bekerja sudah menjadi sebuah ciri khas bagi orang orang sukses, Di internet sebenarnya bisa menjadi sebuah lahan untuk mencari uang, namun apakah akan bisa menjajah dunia internet dan menyedot uang yang ada di dalamnya, mencari uang lewat internet sangat mudah bagi yang sudah menguasai teknik dan ide cerdas.Dengan maraknya para pengusaha di bidang online nampaknya akan menjadi sebuah tantangan khusus bagi setiap orang yang ingin ikut memasarkan produknya di internet, apakah anda salah satu orang yang siap untuk berperang dengan para pesaing di internet? Blog cara membuat blog tentunya tidak akan memberikan keterangan yang lebih spesifik mengenai apa saja dan bagaimana kita bisa mencari uang lewat internet tersebut.

Mendapatkan trafik yang banyak
Trafik adalah jumlah banyaknya pengunjung yang datang setiap harinya, apakah berjumlah ratusan , ribua ataukah jutaan perharinya, dalam hal ini semakin banyak pengunjung yang anda datangkan ke blog atau website anda tentunya akan lebih mempermudah uang datang ke kantong anda, lalu bagaimana kita bisa mendapatkan uang tersebut? kita bisa mengikuti program PPC ( pay per click ) sesuai dengan namanya kita akan di bayar jika kita bisa mendapatkan banyak klik dari iklan yang telah di pasang. Untuk saat ini google adsense adalah salah satu program terpopuler karena anda dapat mendapatkan uang lewat internet sebanyak ribuan dollar setiap harinya.

Mendapatkan pagerank tinggi
Pagerank adalah suatu penilaian dari perusahaan google terhadap blog atau website kita, dimana jika penilaian pagerank semakin besar maka banyak orang ingin membeli lin menuju ke situs mereka melalui blog kita, benar benar nikmat bukan? biasanya untuk blog berpagerank lima ke atas satu link dihargai ratusan dollar per bbulannya, untuk saat ini untuk mendapatkan pagerank sangatlah susah arena memang alogaritma sudah diganti yang lebih sulit.

Mungkin kedua poin di atas merupakan salah satu senjata untuk mencari uang lewat internet, jadi bagi anda yang ingin mencoba dipersilahkan namun kalau kaya ditanggung sendiri yah :)
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Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Cara membuat website gratis

Cara membuat website gratis - Sudah sering orang bilang bahwa membuat website itu mudah, apakah benar? bisa bnar dan bisa tidak tergantung dari pemahaman setiap orang tantang HTML dan CSS, semua itu wajib dimiliki oleh setiap webmastere di dunia ini dan tidak ada terkecualinya, jika berbicara tentang website apa saja yang membedakan antara website dengan blog, website adalah halaman di internet yang berguna untuk lambang perusahaan dan memiliki konten statis alias jarang sekali berubah berbeda sekali dengan blog karena blog biasa dimiliki oleh pribadi atau personal dimana sangat mudah untuk posting atau membuat berita terbaru, ok apakah anda ingin mebuat website? blog juga bisa dijadikan website lhoh, caranya kita tinggal cari yang bertemakan corporate nah di siru kita bisa mengedit ataupun menyeting segala sesuatunya dengan mudah.

Cara membuat website gratis dan mudah :

Pertama yang haus diakukan cukup mudah yaitu dengan membeli domain, yang dimaksud domain adalah alamat dari halaman kita di internet, jika anda ingin gratis maka silahkan register di bawah ini

Di kotak yang tersedia (lihat gambar 1), isi alamat yang diinginkan. Contoh. namasaya.co.cc. Klik “Check Availability”. Kalau “Available” (belum ada yang punya), teruskan prosesnya. Kalau sudah ada yang pakai, ulangi lagi dengan mengisi nama yang lain.

3. Klik “Continue to Registration” (lihat gambar 2)

4. Klik “Create an Account Now” di bagian paling bawah (lihat gambar 3).

5. Isi formulir (lihat gambar 4). Jangan lupa kasih tanda tik (centang) di bagian paling bawah pada “I accept the Terms of Service”

6. Klik “Create an account now.”

7. Proses daftar domain selesai (gambar 5).

Selanjutnya kita harus mensetting domain tersebut untuk diarahkan sesuai tujuan kita. Yang paling mudah adalah redirect atau URL forwarding.

Berikut sejumlah fungsi yang dapat kita lakukan untuk set-up domain co.cc kita:

Fungsi Redirect / URL Forwarding

1. Klik “Set-up”

2. Kasih tanda tik pada button (lobang) nomor 3. URL Forwarding (gambar 7)

3. Isi alamat blog Anda yang akan diredirect (gambar 8 [delapan])

4. Klik “Set Up”.

5. Ada tulisan ” Your change has been submitted.” Klik “OK”.

6. Selesai (gambar 9).

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