Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

This blog definitely spam

Literally meaning spam is garbage, why say garbage, something we do not want be where we or our homes then we say it as waste. Well .. as well as our letters are entered in the inbox there are letters that sometimes we do not recognize its origin and not including one of the many names on our contact list. So a letter like this in the terms referred to as a spam email.

What is the purpose of people who do not recognize it to send spam to us?

* As the media publicity and promotional products company's junk-mail sender. For example, a pharmaceutical company wants to sell their drugs, if the advertising / advertising is certainly going to cost, using the mail robot then he will be able to send as many emails to all owners of existing email in this world.
* Email bomb, if you have an enemy or rival companies on the internet you usually this will be done so that you receive an email that does not bother you need in large quantities and continuously ... huh ... boring.
* Media pishing, this is done to hook as many-many people will be stuck with a link trap (trap link), so you think you are in a site that actually, when you are already in the trap.
* Media spread of viruses and worms, it is the character of viruses and worms to spread the file automatically to all owners of existing email in the world, with the aim will be to get as many victims.

Due to the nature of this SPAM is not legal, then we must try to get rid of him. In ways that usually is done in general, are as follows:

1. Create a filter with a domain name, user name, subject / thing, or the content of these spam emails. This is very troublesome thing to do because usually the senders of spam every day will make modifications to the filter elements mentioned above.
2. Joining the anti-spam organizations such as SpamCop, it is usually very powerful way in which the owner usually spam will be blocked domain. But this way is sometimes very frustrating to the domain owner who does not know if the mail server (open relay smtp servers) are already as senders of spam, this can be done by spammers using robots and take advantage of open mail relays a specific smtp server.

Spam and spammers are still annoying.

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